Manufactures and constructs camshafts
with assosiated valve system.
Regardless type of valvetrain, we can help you with design of cams, valve springs and other components within the valvetrain. Apart from camshafts and valvetrain, we also have deep knowledge in engine design ranging from two stroke engine emissions to gas dynamics.
Apart from offering a wide range of products we can also manufacture and supply almost any parts related to valve train systems. For camshaft grinding a CNC controlled grinding machine is used, especially suited for special one off cams, prototypes and smaller series.
Specification of grinding capabilities
Length of camshaft
0-800 mm (0- 31.5”)
Diameter of camshaft
Maximum grinding diameter 250 mm (10”)
Grinding wheel
Diameter 500 mm (20”), minimum 80 mm (3”)
split cam

What is splitcam?

In engine designs where the camshaft is inserted through the camshaft bearings, the diameter of the bearings become a limitation on the design of the cam lobes.

AGAP has developed a patented principle which makes it possible to use significantly larger cam lobes than what otherwise would be possible. Split cam is a patented technique that maximizes the camshaft lobe in engine designs where the camshaft is supported in fixed bearing journals without bearing caps.

The principle is based on that the camshaft bearing journals are detachable and assembled with the camshaft once the cam is inserted in the engine
Camshaft Camshaft
BMW M10 Splitcam technology
At the moment there are available split camshafts for Ford Model A and BMW M10 engines. The designs differ in details but the principle with detachable bearing is common.

In comparison with a standard type camshaft maximum lift is increased by 30-40% in these cases. This is beneficial for power output.
Among the products you can find the camshaft developed for Ford Model A and for BMW M10.
If you are interested in having a camshaft developed for your application or to license the technique, please contact us!

Patent in several countries including USA.